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August 28, 2014

Countdown to 5 Years of betahaus: Max's Two Cents

**A note from our co-founder, the one and only Maximilian von der Ahé**


Watching your kid growing up can be a pleasure and a pain at the same time. Its first steps leave you choked up with emotion, and the first crash with the skateboard can cause a nervous breakdown.

In a rather similar storyline, the other betahaus founders and I have watched our baby grow. We've helped him overcome the first bumps and marks and bruises, and we've watched him grow, a child excited about its first praises and proud of everything he learned so far.

We're preparing a big blast for our fifth birthday, and we've come to see and appreciate that no kid grows up without help from others (not just from his parents). Over the years, our beta-crew has become the family we dreamed about. So, well, it's not just this great 5-year-old kid we wanna celebrate on Saturday -- but we also toast to you, the greatest bunch of people. Happy birthday, baby!

- Max

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