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Madeleine Mohl
August 29, 2014

Countdown to 5 Years of betahaus: Madeleine Loves You

Why I love betahaus?

Because, for more than 5 years now, everyday is unexpectedly different and full of surprises. Everyday, I learn a new skill!

Because I have the two best co-founders / co-CEOs I could imagine. Max and Christoph, you two rock!

Because we have a genius core team! Lisa, Nadine, Peer, Stefano, Elizaveta, Constantin, Ceva, Katka, Andreza, Tom L., Tom M. and Sven, betahaus would not survive for one day without you all! And I can't forget Denise, who just recently joined the team. And all the part-time coworkers who work behind the bar or during events! And the rockstar interns! How lucky we are to have you all!

There have been a few rough-and-tough times, sure. I remember one time when I was so filled up with all this inspiring and innovative new stuff that my brain could absolutely not handle one more thing. But, on the other side, that innovation and inspiration is what drives the house and all of us. And it comes from you, the betahaus | members with your new ideas and visions worth fighting for!

I can't forget the day Robert, Martin and Moritz -- the cofounders of Coffee Circle -- moved in. The first startup in the betahaus universe was born! Nor can I forget the day that Naren, founder of GoEuro, signed up for a single flexdesk and told me about his vision of the new way of travelling through Europe -- he just raised $27 million! And then there's the day I received an email from Jake Lodwick: “I'm an entrepeneur from San Francisco, you might have heard about my startup Vimeo -- do you have a teamroom for me and my team?”

Five years flew by and I am so much looking forward to the next ones! There are a few more adventures ahead of us!




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