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Alice Nell
August 27, 2014

Countdown to 5 Years of betahaus: Become a Digital Nomad

Hey, all. Happy Wednesday.

At betahaus, we're big believers in organizing your life the way YOU want to live it. That may mean coworking, or starting work at 11AM, or taking your whole life on the road and working from some exotic location.

There are all kinds of workshops happening on Saturday that will help you succeed as a freelancer. But if you want to start freelancing from the road, you may need some extra advice. Make sure that you head up to the Innospace to listen to Marcus Meurer and Felicia Hargarten talk about How to Become a Digital Nomad. Their story will show you that it IS possible to build your business or client portfolio from anywhere in the world these days -- you just need to a little help to get started.

You should also check out Elance/oDesk's free PDF, The Digital Nomad Playbook. Learn how to travel the world, build specific skills for remote work, and operate your business from abroad.

Just three more days until 5 Years of betahaus! See you soon.

Don’t forget to check our calendar for more events coming up.

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