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Jack Henderson
June 23, 2016

Coming up! People In Beta Summer Party

It’s Summer time, and at betahaus that means time to celebrate our community! In this year’s People In Beta we’ll concentrate on the essential: Connecting with people. Getting to know each other, exchanging ideas, learning from one-another, and having a good laugh. We have a playful celebration with many surprises planned out for you.

Tired of boring keynotes? We are too.


What’s a better setting for networking than great people, good music, delicious food, and a cold drink in your hand? Exactly our thought.


Sounds impossible to find your new business partner or your next job on a bouncy castle? Come around and we’ll prove you wrong!


Let’s have real conversations! Nobody likes small talk.


We’ll start out in the afternoon with a range of creative workshops from our maker community. Learn how to build a drone, create a sustainable wallet out of paper, or make your own schmuck. Step into the café and wind your way through the betahaus Job Fair. Check out various job opportunities or add your vacancy to the pile! You can have a laugh & look into old photos of betahaus’ people and spaces in the hallways.

In the evening we continue with a side program of the Coworking Awards. Find out who’s the joker and who’s the hermit, who has the best beard, and who’s bound to be a billionaire. You can then after party until the sun comes up.


People In Beta Summer Party is being made possible by our partners ERGO and Holvi! Thanks for helping us make this happen! 

Check our calendar for upcoming events!