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Christoph Fahle
October 1, 2012

Christoph Volbers

We have so many awesome interns working at betahaus so we decided to introduce them as well at our blog in the new serie "Staff of the week". Christoph Volbers studied design at the Art School Weißensee and just finished his 3 months internship at betahause in the areas Corporate Identity, Design, Product Design and Visualisation. Thank you very much for your great support!

Sepehr also an intern at betahaus did the interview.

What was your motivation to study design?

I draw since I am a child  and I was always interested in changing things the way I think - it could be a room, a fruit, a table, a lamp or a vacuum cleaner. I was always interested in something that gives me a challenge. I was always asking myself: how can I do it in a different way? First I changed everything in my room, then I came up with task like: How could a coffee machine work better? I had so much fun in solving these challenges.

Are you delighted having an experience in betahaus?

Absolutely yes, the thing is, when I was here for the first time, I was here for the wrong event... but Madeleine (one of the betahaus founders) was inviting me to stay and enjoy the event. I was so inspired by the atmosphere! It was so energizing and I think that's because of all the people that come to betahaus, they have an idea in mind and these ideas drives them to get things done. They're so energetic to solve the problems.  This was what I liked the most when I first entered betahaus and so I stayed...

Do you want to keep working at betahaus?

As I love the atmosphere so much and I get so energized by it, I’d really like to stay and work with the betahaus gang. Even when I have to go back to university next week, I will try to work at betahaus once a week.

Is it satisfying working in betahaus and does it make you reach to your final goals ?

Yes - betahaus is a proper place also for designers and I can even imagine working on my student project at betahaus.

And about Berlin, do you think its a good place for designers and also for students? 

I can't say it generally but I think on one side, Berlin is a bad place for designers, because they're not paid very well but on the other hand Berlin is so inspiring and it seems to be that nowadays Berlin is that hot spot in Europe. For me it's full of culture of every kind, not just conservative culture or pushing culture or young culture. You can get everything you like!

Thank you for your time.

And no Christoph did not got paid for his answers, even it seems so...

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