Christoph Fahle
January 14, 2013

We take the best bits of the news, your social media, email, stock and location information and create your very own online listening experience.

What is! plays your favorite online content as a live, interactive and personalized audio experience. We take the best bits of the news, your social media, email, stock and location information and create your very own online listening experience. It's just like hearing your own web. Using advanced text-to-speech technology combined with our unique editorial engine, you can stay connected to your online content when you can't use your eyes or hands. So drive to work without missing a thing, or stay fit and informed, or even use it as a way to catch up on what you missed out on when sleeping. We will begin with by app, but our ambitions are to create the very first audio web.

We have been part of:Startupbootcamp Berlin 2012, came second at and HY Berlin were invited to Silicon Valley, presented at NOAH Conference in London, won 1 million € in TV Media as part of the SevenVentures pitch competition, among the 3 winners of the public vote for Startupbootcamp's Demo Day, winning a trip to SXSW.You can find on the web, Angellist, Crunchbase and Linkedin.We are 3 co-founders: Espen Systad, Tor Langballe , Danielle Reid.

Why did you apply to the hub:raum program?

We used to work at betahaus in the past and when we heard that the hub:raum accelerator program would have taken place here we were very happy. We enjoy working in a coworking space and in a great and friendly environment as betahaus. Other reasons why we applied to the program are mentors that are offered at hub:raum, as well as the workshops from General Assembly, which I believe are helping us a lot. In addition, we wanted to be close to a big and well known company as Deutsche Telekom.

What is your experience with coworking?

We (Espen and Danielle, the two co-founders) actually met in a coworking space in Berlin.We enjoy the idea of a open dialog that usually are created in these spaces, and you can decide to be part of. These discussions are very helpful and motivating. Coworking spaces are great places where you can meet people with similar ideas and work attitude, whom you can eventually team up with. In addition, meeting people that work in different areas makes the coworking space motivating and innovating. Lastly, Espen, the CEO of, believes that coworking is how we will work in the future and where you can be the most productive.

What are the difficulties that you faced so far?

Honestly, we did not face any difficulties so far. Since the creation of the company the process has been very smooth. The idea behind is very innovative and original; therefore, many people want to work with us and help us growing. Also, the programming language that we use is very popular at this moment.

What are your future goals?

Our main goals are raising money and launch the product next year. In addition, the idea is compatible to any kind of device, from smartphones to computer, from car to radio. Therefore, we would like to provide our product to all of them. Lastly, we want to add more languages in order to increase the market potential.

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A centralized platform, hub or network for similar companies, could do the trick to fill up the delivery vans & trucks that are barely loaded. Parcels could be distributed more efficiently between different companies and their delivery vehicles.

Like a big pool of parcels from different companies with every single parcel going into that one van with the same route!

Delivery Driver Experience and Smart Delivery Vehicles are also areas with huge potential for improvement and innovation.

Ellie: Two years ago we adopted a new legal structure for Jolocom GmbH according to the purpose model of ownership, manifesting our commitment and dedication to building a self-sovereign organization. That means we can’t take VC funding or sell public shares of the company. 

Volker: Jolocom is a community driven organisation – both in a tech sense but also much further beyond. We’re hugely involved in the DWeb community where we organize and attend events for the decentralized community. Every year we also help organize and attend the DWeb Camp in San Francisco, which brings together all kinds of creatives so this technology of tomorrow is built in a collaborative way.

Next to that on-demand experiences have become firmly embedded into people’s everyday lives - be it a mobile app to book a ride, send flowers to your loved ones or order lunch to your office. It’s all possible and has made premium features like real-time tracking a standard.  The online consumer expects nothing less and certainly doesn’t like to wait.

Making that quick and instant gratification happen is another story though. Groundbreaking ideas and innovations are needed to tackle all these factors. Does your startup have one? 

Then head over to our Future Logistics Challenge! Applications are still open until September 23rd.

Volker: There is this really nice place, called Green Rabbit with salads and baked potatoes where I like to go to. Sometimes I just keep it simple and go to Lidl.

Ellie: I eat a lot in cafe which is here around the corner and I love the Matcha Lattes from Starbucks.

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