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Christoph Fahle
June 28, 2012

Build or Buy!

The time has come for more DIY at betahaus: We will not only turn betahaus| café into the city´s very 1st fab café, we will also launch build or buy!

Dear Makers,

Build or buy is a collection of DIY-products that you can - SURPRISE! - either build by yourself or buy prefab.

On the one hand, build or buy seeks to give talented designers from the people in beta community both a presentation and a sales platform for their ideas. On the other hand, it aims to encourage consumers to be proactive and to engage in the process of fabrication.

We will develop a workshop program on presented products, where everybody is invited to take part in and benefit from the satisfying process of production. Apart from the workshops, we will implement an online shop within the betahaus web page to sell the build or buy products.

build or buy is not restricted to any product-category. The only condition is AWESOMENESS! If you have a smart, functional, good looking DIY-idea and want it to be part of build or buy, please send a photo of your product to elizaveta@betahaus.de and we will provide you with all further information. Deadline is the 15th July.

We are so looking forward to your applications =)

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