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Jack Henderson
July 18, 2016

Bridging the Gap: Considering the Startup-Corporation Continuum

Many of us tend to talk about startups and corporations as if they are different species. In some ways the two can’t be compared - the differences in working culture, agility, and internal structure are substantial. But do we know exactly why they are different and where the differences lie?

In order to answer these questions, we’ve joined forces with EY-Start-up-challenge to conduct some research on the subject. Rather than hearing from startups, we spoke with a number of corporations - or rather “grown-up startups” - within our coworking community: Bosch (BeYond), Daimler (Peninsula), Viessmann (WATTx), and EY (Start-up-challenge). We asked them how they collaborate with startups, what they see as similarities and differences, and what forms of knowledge they believe can be exchanged between the startup and corporate worlds. We feel a lot wiser after these discussions, and we’d love to share our insights. To read the full white-paper, you can either download the file in .pdf format, or for the Kindle readers out there, in .mobi.

Download: PDF

Download: Mobi 

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