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Christoph Fahle
December 13, 2012

Bond's Bunte Welt - Magazine

“Bond´s bunte Welt” is a fascinating new magazine published by our member Marcus Bond. There are only 200 pieces on sales. Get your issue in betahauscafé for only 6,- Euro!

Alessandro our intern did an interview with Marcus Bond:

Please provide a short description of the Magazine.

“Bond´s bunte Welt” is a mixture of GEO, brand eins and agora42 – but still different (no advertising for example). You can read about the fascinating life of the eel and why we should be cautious with our attitude towards China. It tells you how our brain works when we meet new people and why we mitfiebern when watching films. You even can find out why women are feeling cold so fast and why English girls and men walk around in T-Shirts in winter. There is a funny column about talkshows, a description of a day-trip to Tschernobyl, tons of arty pictures and more. I got great authors to contribute like the “Professor des Jahres 2011”, a China-Expert, the “brain” from IBM and many more. You can have a look online:

Why did you decide to write about these topics?

My goal was to create a magazine that makes sense. There is a great german word: Bereicherung. Each story should be a Bereicherung for the reader. The topics follow this goal. You can get a lot of insight from the magazine and still feel entertained (I hope). Other magazines only focus on nature or art or music or politics or Berlin. I had the Qual der Wahl to choose Content without any restriction.

Where are you planning to sell the magazine?

The Magazine is not intended to be for sale. I put it up as a present for my network (friends, customers, journalists, …) but hat to produce 200 pieces more than I needed. And those are for sale here in betahaus and in some cafes / shops that I like in Kreuzberg. You can get your issue in the betahaus-Café for only 6 Euro. A great present for birthdays, x-mas, … something special!

What do you do when not writing a Magazine?

I run BOND PR-Agenten, a PR agency working for agencies like Aperto and software companies like Sitecore. I also DJ, if you like electro/swing/techno, check out this:

What is your experience in the coworking environment and betahaus?

betahaus is great, much better than working constantly from home or in cafes. If you need help, just ask around. A few months ago I needed someone to translate a press release from Japanese to German and I found Nadja. She translates Mangas here I betahaus. Next day the job was done. She also did the proofreading for Bond´s bunte Welt.

What are your future goals?

A trip to Sri Lanka in February ;-)

Thank you very much for the interview!

Want to become a member at betahaus l Berlin? More information here!

The new space is six stories spread out across 2800 sqm. We’ll be renovating the building with our members in mind, so here’s what we can promise:

  • 5 Floors of Coworking Areas
  • Event Spaces
  • More Meeting Rooms
  • More Team Rooms
  • More Call Boxes
  • A Rooftop Terrace
  • A Café

We'll be updating The Move landing page with photos as we have them, so watch out for that!

when do you need a notary?

We’ll open the doors of our new space between mid-August and mid-September 2018. We plan to begin moving in July to ensure that the space is functional and comfortable by the time you get there. Bottom line, we’ll do everything we can to make the move as seamless as possible.

The move is our third big announcement of 2018 following the news that we’re be expanding our operations with betahaus | Tirana and managing coworking for Berlin’s new blockchain space, Full Node

The idea behind betahaus was never to be just a coworking space. We wanted to create a platform where people of our generation could thrive personally and professionally. We’ve always thought we could do this on a much bigger scale and we’re thrilled to see it happening. We’re excited about what we’re able to learn from this move, not just for betahaus, but for the future of coworking in Europe.

We’re sure you have a lot of questions about what’s coming next. 

We want to hear from you! Email us at or join us for a closed Town Hall where we’ll answer all of your questions and talk through any concerns. We’ve also started members-only page for FAQs, resources, and important dates about the move (check your inbox!). 

We've got some big changes ahead of us, but one thing's for sure: we're so glad to have you with us for the ride!

We're looking forward to this new challenge, and will keep you updated along the way. Get in touch with any questions you might have about Full Node!

Not a blockchain startup but looking for a coworking space? Be sure to check out the flexible membership options at betahaus!

Finally, You describe your target group as LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), which is a very niche market. Can you tell us more about what type of people they ARE and what theY value? What's some advice you can share to other startups targeting this market?


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