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Christoph Fahle
June 20, 2013

BETAPITCH | Barcelona Résumé...

Our BETAPITCH | Barcelona was a complete success! More than 100 startups applied but only the best 8 made it to the BETAPITCH. Also we have a massive assistance of cca 100 guests. That created a great environment for the event which took more than 4 hours between introduction, pitches and jury decision. Afterwards on one of our awesome terraces we hosted an after BETAPITCH | party with beers and gin tonics for everybody.

Here's a bit about the winners…

PASSNFLY manages all your flights and gets automatically all your boarding-passes for 200+ airlines in one single App, 24/7

Diagsum provides and promotes telemedicine in the optician’s shops for Eye Health and Prevention of Blindness at an affordable cost.

In both cases, awesome teams that are looking forward to rock and roll in betapitch | global!

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