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April 1, 2016

BETAPITCH 2016 kicks off in Berlin

Roll up, roll up! BETAPITCH 2016 has launched and kicks off at 6 PM on April 7th with BETAPITCH Berlin! Come join us to see 8 of the best startups in IoT and Hardware compete in front of an incredible expert jury; specialists such as Jørg Rheinboldt from Axel Springer Plug n Play Accelerator, Bastian Bergmann from WATTx, and angel investor Thomas Madsen-Mygdal will be helping us to select the best of the rest. Who will win the trips to Shenzen and Bejing? Get ready for an exciting head-to-head race!

These startups will be pitching: Fresh Square, Safecontag, HorseAnalytics, Neurofox, Urban Totem, velo easy, YOUMO, and ZEI! Looking for a quick summary of what they’re all about? You can find one here.

After kicking off with a first local pitch competition in Berlin, we’ll be in Vienna (April), Sofia (May), Jönköping (May), Hamburg (June), Seoul (June), Tirana (April), Lisbon (TBA), Poznan (TBA) and Cairo (TBA).  As always, the local winners pitch for gold at BETAPITCH global, taking place in betahaus | Berlin on 15th of October.

Think your startup has what it takes? Visit your local BETAPITCH page to find out your deadline, take the leap and apply!

Want to join the fun and see the startups pitch? Join us in the audience and get your tickets for Berlin!

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Article written by Robin