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Katka Nagyová
February 26, 2016

BETAPITCH 2016 is launching in 9 cities and counting!

Are you ready to take your startup to the next level, make a difference, run the world? Great, because we’re ready for you too. We’re launching BETAPITCH 2016 and start our yearly hunt for the best startups. We’ll be in 9 cities and we’re still counting.


What started years ago as an excited initiative to gather startup founders and let them compete in our coworking space in Berlin, grew into a global competition taking place in cities all around the world. This way, the best startups get connected in and with Berlin, and they can make use of the abundance of connections to investors, media and corporate partners we have here in betahaus. Every year BETAPITCH is adding new cities to the map, and this year is especially exciting. What new locations we're heading to?


Read about them on the BETAPITCH website, and check out the other upcoming and general events in the 'haus here!