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Christoph Fahle
April 15, 2010

betalab | Lisboa - Desk Reservations Anybody?

It is a great feeling, if things just seem to work effortless. This is the case in our Lisbon activities, lately. It wouldn't be right to say, the latest developments totally happened without us pushing it, but things are moving faster than us running behind at the moment.

It's official now, there will be a betalab space in the heart of Lisbon between the 4th and the 30th of May - next month! We invite everybody to drop by and take his or her desk at betalab | lisbon during that time. It will be small but it will be fun. Opening Times are due to local circumstances 12 am until 10 pm. ...Portuguese time. Please do reservations through kontakt@betahaus.de

Of course we are only able to do this with the kind help of our friends from CoworkLisboa who are great hosts and everyday closer friends.

We have in mind to use the space as Café, Office, Eventspace, Fablab, Workshop-, Coworking- und Partylocation. You Name it!!! Please leave some Feedback as Comments below!!!

The greatest thing amongst others would be to start an exchange between Lisbon and Berlin. We already received the first offers to exchange desk and flat for a week or two Lisbon/Berlin. Feel free to offer yours, if you feel like Portugal in May.

Well, they say, sun is shining here a lot in May already... ;)

Um Abraço


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