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Zoya Misha
November 30, 2023

betahaus Unwrapped: Crafty Community’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2023 🎁

'Tis the season to start each sentence with 'Tis the season! And ‘tis season we want to share the holiday jolly by supporting and celebrating the talented people in our crafty coworking community!

This Christmas, we invite you to explore unique and thoughtful gifts from our very own members. From innovative products to exclusive services, these gifts not only showcase the diversity of our community but also bring a touch of the betahaus spirit to your festive celebrations.

BRLO Beer + Klar Seifen Shampoo from BRLO:
🍻 Crafted with beer essence, it offers a unique sensory experience, leaving your hair nourished and your spirits lifted. This solid shampoo blends the expertise of Germany's oldest soap manufactory with Berlin's creative brewery, resulting in a hop-infused treat for those who crave more than just a drink.

BRLO Beer + Klar Seifen Shampoo

Bonnie Wine Club Membership from DrinkBonnie:

🍷 Perfect for wine enthusiasts, this membership opens the door to a curated selection of exceptional wines through exclusive tastings. Cheers to a year of delightful discoveries and festive toasts!

Period Panties from ooia:

🩸 For a gift that combines comfort and sustainability, ooia's period panties are a game-changer. Embrace a more eco-friendly approach to menstrual products with this stylish and functional underwear, ensuring peace of mind during your period.

Coffee from Coffee Circle:

☕️ Fuel your festive mornings with the rich aroma of Coffee Circle's premium coffee beans. Explore a range of coffee-related gifts that cater to every coffee lover's desires, from brewing essentials to exquisite blends that awaken the senses.

Women's health tests & micronutrients bundles from FEMNA Health

New health resolutions? Gift the special women in your life an at-home hormone test & micronutrients from FEMNA Health! Their platform is dedicated to women's health, specializing in addressing and educating about menstrual cycle issues.

Women's health tests & micronutrients bundles from FEMNA Health

Preloved Items from Faircado:

🦸 Discover electronics, books & fashion treasures with a conscience. Faircado is a browser extension that finds second-hand alternatives for the products you want to buy. Save time, money and CO2!

Urban Bike Jacket from Medvind:

🚴🏻 Navigate the urban landscape in style with Medvind's urban bike and rain jacket. Designed for functionality without compromising on aesthetics, this jacket ensures you stay dry and fashionable during your city adventures.

e-Bike Subscription from Dance:

🚵 Get your groove on with this all-in-one ebike & moped subscription. Positively impact your health and create sustainable cities for this year’s Christmas. Use our exclusive betahaus discount code and enjoy the ride. 

e-Bike Subscription from Dance

Sportswear from SI-X:

🏋️ Unleash your inner athlete with high-performance and Italian-made fashionable activewear. Designed with intelligent fabrics and ergonomic constructions, it’s made to support you from yoga and running to even clubbing. 

Candles and Skincare from UNION Berlin:

🕯 Indulge in self-care and elevate your relaxation routine with these beautiful candles and skin care products, carefully crafted to bring a sense of calm and rejuvenation to your holiday season.

Candles and Skincare from UNION Berlin

Anti-Aging Skincare from Beyer & Söhne:

🧴 Their skincare focuses on essential skin elements and high-potency ingredients. No fuss, just honest, transparent, and dermatologically sensible products for a naturally radiant glow. 

As you unwrap these carefully curated presents, why not consider gifting yourself or your friends a betahaus coworking membership and becoming part of Berlin's favorite startup community? Curious about our vibe? Join one of our upcoming community events (keep an eye out for our New Year’s Party!) to see what we're all about!