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Christoph Fahle
October 7, 2013

Betahaus | Passport

Hello betahaus | friends and fools!

Do you know that with your betahaus | membership you can not only work at Berlin but also check in for 3 days/ month in any other betahaus around Europe and in the best coworking space in Copenhagen called Republikken?!

Aren't these breaking news?! You can spend the summer in the windy always fresh Hamburg and enjoy the Fall and Winter in Sofia or Barcelona and stop by in between in the city of startups: Berlin.

If you like to reserve a flexdesk at one of the other betahauses just click on this form. The local betahaus | team will then get back to you asap.

To check out what is happening at the other spaces just have a look on the calendars:

Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Sofia are looking forward to host you!

Still no membership at betahaus? More information here!