Vihra Shopova
July 19, 2018

Global Coworking: Meet betahaus l Hamburg (Germany)

The next stop on our tour through our partner locations is in the second largest startup hub in Germany. Check out betahaus l Hamburg – our space that serves as home to innovators and creatives in Northern Germany.

Every day, more and more innovative startups are making Hamburg home. The city has a good framework for founders and attracts talented people from all over the world. It offers a great variety of events and plenty of funding opportunities for entrepreneurs and potential founders. Not only that, but Hamburg has a great party culture, urban atmosphere and the Elbe river flowing through the city.

About Hamburg

There is a veritable boom around Germany’s second-largest city, and not without a reason. The New York Times describes Hamburg as "a watery wonder, teeming with architectural marvels, restauratns and cultural charms, including a shimmering new concert hall."

[Hamburg is...] a watery wonder, teeming with architectural marvels, restaurants and cultural charms, including a shimmering new concert hall. 

Hamburg is one of the largest economic centers in Europe with leading figures in the media, commerce and gaming industry and the startup scene has rapidly grown over the last few years. In 2017, Hamburg had Germany’s highest number of start-ups with 253 per every 10,000 inhabitants. myTaxi and XING are just two examples of successful Hamburg startups that you might have heard of.

About betahaus Hamburg

betahaus l Hamburg was the first coworking space to open in the city back in April 2014. It sits in Hamburg's alternative Sternschanze neighborhood (or ‘Schanze’ if you're local) so you can spot street art right from your window or pop out for lunch at one of the dozens of awesome restaurants on Schulterblatt. Our team in Hamburg thrives on the belief that creativity and motivation can't flourish from a lonely office. Through community events and collaborative initiatives, the space serves as a central location where entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate partners can innovate together.

betahaus Hamburg in Numbers

The space is spread across three floors with coworking areas (2,400sqm), private offices, and event spaces. Most coworkers hang out in the cozy cafe on the ground floor. In terms of memberships, betahaus l Hamburg offers two types of coworking memberships. The Coworking Flatrate starts at 70,– per month and is a good option for entrepreneurs or startups who are just starting out and who want maximum flexibility at a fair price. If you're collaborating a team or just want to use all the benefits of a private office without all the hassle, they also have a Fixed Desk membership that starts at 250,– monthly.

What do you think about betahaus Hamburg? If you haven't already, check out our other betahaus locations in Barcelona and Sofia – where you can work from unlimited with your betahaus membership – or explore our partner locations around the world.

A centralized platform, hub or network for similar companies, could do the trick to fill up the delivery vans & trucks that are barely loaded. Parcels could be distributed more efficiently between different companies and their delivery vehicles.

Like a big pool of parcels from different companies with every single parcel going into that one van with the same route!

Delivery Driver Experience and Smart Delivery Vehicles are also areas with huge potential for improvement and innovation.

Ellie: Two years ago we adopted a new legal structure for Jolocom GmbH according to the purpose model of ownership, manifesting our commitment and dedication to building a self-sovereign organization. That means we can’t take VC funding or sell public shares of the company. 

Volker: Jolocom is a community driven organisation – both in a tech sense but also much further beyond. We’re hugely involved in the DWeb community where we organize and attend events for the decentralized community. Every year we also help organize and attend the DWeb Camp in San Francisco, which brings together all kinds of creatives so this technology of tomorrow is built in a collaborative way.

Next to that on-demand experiences have become firmly embedded into people’s everyday lives - be it a mobile app to book a ride, send flowers to your loved ones or order lunch to your office. It’s all possible and has made premium features like real-time tracking a standard.  The online consumer expects nothing less and certainly doesn’t like to wait.

Making that quick and instant gratification happen is another story though. Groundbreaking ideas and innovations are needed to tackle all these factors. Does your startup have one? 

Then head over to our Future Logistics Challenge! Applications are still open until September 23rd.

Volker: There is this really nice place, called Green Rabbit with salads and baked potatoes where I like to go to. Sometimes I just keep it simple and go to Lidl.

Ellie: I eat a lot in cafe which is here around the corner and I love the Matcha Lattes from Starbucks.

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