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Christoph Fahle
July 23, 2012

Betahaus Goes Back to School!

Sort of. We are planning an education program, designed to assist people realize their projects, whether it’s a business or an art exhibition, organize their work and get stuff done, as pragmatic and successful as possible. As you can see, it’s not gonna be about lecture halls and exams, but about skills, practical experience, people and inspiration.


Over the past years the betahaus community has grown steadily and with it the skills and knowledge present at betahaus. Part of our vision has always been to create a place where people connect, help each other out, and learn from each other. With the education program we want to find a way to channel the skills, experience and peer-to-peer-learning that’s already happening daily at betahaus. We want to give people access to this network of experts and assist them in realizing their projects as successful as possible. We want to make it easier to get them into doing what the betahaus community already does: work and live the way they want.

In order to find out which form this program will take exactly, what you would expect from a betahaus school, and how we can assist you best we will start a prototype on August 6th. And we are looking for participants. Our ‘students’ will be exposed to peer learning, week planning, a network of experts and our channeled efforts to give you what you need to get your stuff done, assist you in what you do anyway and not take away from your time. All that we expect from you is that you spend a little time thinking about what you want to achieve in August to make it a successful month for you, what you would need for that and if anything at betahaus helps you with it. As simple as that.

Want to participate? Send us a 3-line applications where you explain who you are, what you do and what your plans for August are. Deadline is Friday, July 27th. Please send them to max.k@betahaus.de

We can't wait to meet you!

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