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November 1, 2017

Want to learn German? Expath language classes are in the haus!

Meet Expath, betahaus' newest language & workshop partner!


If you've been at betahaus for a while, you've probably seen Expath co-founder, Tia Robinson, offering monthly office hours, but helping people successfully relocate to Germany is just another day at Expath. Through training, consulting, and German classes, she and co-founder Stephan Brenner have helped thousands of people get settled in Berlin since 2011. By now, they're really great at what they do. 

Looking for someone to help with your move to Germany? We're excited to partner with Expath to offer you exclusive benefits on language classes and coaching!


Intensive German at betahaus (A1.2)

Ready to start speaking German? Join the A1.2 German intensive course at betahaus! Expath offers some of the quickest progression and lowest prices in Berlin.

A1.2 will complete your foundation in German and allow you to give you confidence with everyday situations in Germany. Please note that A1.1 is a prerequisite for A1.2.

Schedule: Varies / See Course Schedule

Price: The price is 216,— per course. betahaus members pay 172,—.

How to Enroll: Follow this link to see all dates and to register for next German course at betahaus. After you sign up, you will receive an email with more information about the dates and the payment methods.


Intensive German in Neukölln and Mitte (A1.1 - B2.2)

Already know your basic German? Expath also offers courses A1.1 - B2.2 at their locations in Neukölln and Mitte. Register online if you already know your level or take a placement test to determine which class is right for you.

Schedule: Monthly / 120 minutes / 10:30am - 12:45pm OR 1pm - 3:15pm OR 6:30pm - 8:45pm / See Course Schedule

Price: The price is normally 150,— to 216,— per course. betahaus members pay 120,— to 172, —.

How to Enroll: Select your course here, and enter code "BETAHAUS" in the discount code field. You will receive an email with the payment instructions. 

Individual or Company Lessons (All Levels)

Are you looking for one-on-one language tutoring or classes for your team? Expath is also offering a 10% discount on all individual or company language courses.

How to Enroll: Contact Expath directly to arrange these courses.


Are all things taxes, insurance, and invoices making your head spin? Expath will now be hosting their Freelancing Workshop once a month in reception at betahaus. Come with all of your questions and they'll help you sort out your paper work so you don't get in trouble with German authorities!

Schedule: Monthly / 270 minutes / 10:00am - 2:30pm

Price: The price is normally 48,— but betahaus members get 6,— off!

How to Enroll: Register for the Freelancing Workshop here

Happy language learning from betahaus and Expath!

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Ellie: Two years ago we adopted a new legal structure for Jolocom GmbH according to the purpose model of ownership, manifesting our commitment and dedication to building a self-sovereign organization. That means we can’t take VC funding or sell public shares of the company. 

Volker: Jolocom is a community driven organisation – both in a tech sense but also much further beyond. We’re hugely involved in the DWeb community where we organize and attend events for the decentralized community. Every year we also help organize and attend the DWeb Camp in San Francisco, which brings together all kinds of creatives so this technology of tomorrow is built in a collaborative way.

Ellie: I know that before joining betahaus Jolocom was in the Ethereum office – a collaborative blockchain space for companies also building on the same platform and the idea was always to stay within a coworking space. When they closed and we had to move, the next closest choice in terms of company culture was betahaus. 

Ellie: The people in the building and the spaces are just really cool. I personally don’t go to community events as much as i would like to but I still end up meeting a lot of people here. Mostly in the kitchen. One of my good friends is actually someone I met in betahaus. 

Volker: I once saw a friend of mine presenting at betabreakfast and I didn’t know that he would be here. It was so funny seeing him on the stage.

Photo by Lea GK

Volker: There is this really nice place, called Green Rabbit with salads and baked potatoes where I like to go to. Sometimes I just keep it simple and go to Lidl.

Ellie: I eat a lot in west.berlin cafe which is here around the corner and I love the Matcha Lattes from Starbucks.

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