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Jack Henderson
December 13, 2016

betahaus Christmas List: Our hand picked items for you!

Christmas is coming and again like every year, we’re all on the hunt for special, valuable presents. We figured that we could give you all some help, by listing a few great products made and offered by people in our community.

1. LUUV Action Gimbal

Know someone who’s Into film and cool tech? Our betahaus & Betapitch alumni LUUV has an ACTION GIMBAL on offer. It’s the most lightweight and wearable gimbal on the market for GoPros and GoPro-sized cameras. It comes with an extendable aluminium pole but can also be mounted to your helmet, bike, board, drone and more. Just a heads up, if you order by 19th  December, you’ll save €50 & receive it in time for Christmas!


2. A Subscription to Urban Sports Club

A perfect way to blow off the winter cobwebs and to get summer ready. Our members from Urban Sports Club offer a membership giving give you access to up to 276 facilities in Berlin alone. Whether it’s Zumba you’re into, mixed martial arts or just functional training – Urban Sports Club has it all. A wise man once said ‘Your summer body starts in Winter’.

3. Senic Nuimo

Give the gift of a Smarter Home! BETAPITCH Alumni Senic offers Nuimo; a smart device which gives you control over the devices you love, such as music, lights and more. Nuimo’s plug-and-play integrations work right out of the box, with new devices and applications being added weekly, check out their full list here.


4. Coffee Circle

Kickstart the new year with ethically responsible coffee; give something that makes the world a better place as well as something that will make your mornings more productive. Want to know how it tastes first? We serve Coffee Circle’s coffee in our café!


5. Superhelden Journal

“New year, new me” is the phrase we here every year. But how many people actually reinvent themselves? Jörn Hendrik, famous in betahaus for his Rockstar Sales course and his Superhelden trainings amongst other things, just released a book: The Superhelden Journal. It helps you with your career orientation and personality development. Why not give it to that friend who’s looking for a boost in career inspiration?


6. One Day pass for yours Truly

Why not introduce someone who’s never been to our space before, don’t worry if they’re not from round here, you can get them a one day pass to our other spaces in Hamburg, Barcelona & Sofia.


7. Academy Course for Two

You could always purchase an Academy course for you and a friend! Academy courses are taught by passionate expert teachers, who’re are aware of the latest trends. You can take a course on meditation, brand building, and website building. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, there’s always Lluis’ woodworking class!


8. Fidget Cube

These guys aren’t from our community, but they’re very cool. Cheap and cheerful too, something for that friend who can’t sit still. The Fidget Cube is a desk toy for anyone who likes to fidget. It’s simple and has six sides each featuring something to fidget with.


9. Muji Touchscreen Gloves

Muji didn’t start in betahaus either, however we couldn’t leave their touchscreen gloves off the list! Berlin winters are so cold and everyone has a touchscreen phone! The average pair of winter gloves are more of a hindrance than a help – you panic to remove them mid-ring, and nearly always find yourself degloved, freezing, with a phone that no longer needs answering. Most touchscreen gloves look like polyester nerd mitts, thankfully the Muji is here with a simple and stylish solution.



Don’t forget, you’ll have to order some of the products early to get them in time for the big day, such as LUUV’s ACTION GIMBAL who’s cut off point is December 19th! Want to read more articles like this? Read on to the General & Upcoming section for Christmas-and-other-related topics :)