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Blanca Monni
April 26, 2023

Celebrating 14 years of Community | betahaus Bday Extravaganza

On March 31st, 2023, the betahaus community gathered at our location in Kreuzberg for an extravagant evening of live music, bands, DJs, Korean food on the rooftop, and an art exhibition showcasing various mediums of art from 10 talented artists from our community.

4 birthdays in 1

We were not sure how it would turn out as we had not celebrated for four years in a row, but we knew the time had come to get together again and celebrate our 14 years in beta.

Current and old members, friends, families, partners, and even new faces who were curious about discovering more about this special space came to celebrate. More than 500 people arrived, as we could tell from the jackets in our cloakroom, handled by our great team, with Seda & Alicia who transformed the whole 4th floor into a real party wardrobe with coats and bags on every table.

14 years is a long time…

Especially when you think about all the developments and changes that our society and world have gone through. When our founders started the project, the word ‘coworking’ was not really a thing. Working environments were slowly changing, and people could, for the first time, work from just a laptop. The idea behind betahaus was to reinvent the classic working environment by building a space where friends, and friends of friends, could collaborate and try out creative ideas.

Fourteen years later, the space has grown into an international hub for innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers who come together to work, collaborate, and learn from one another. People from all over the world come to betahaus, from all different industries and backgrounds. It’s a meeting point for creatives and changemakers, and with our party, we wanted to celebrate this: the diversity of our space.

The theme

It was difficult to come up with a theme as we all had so many ideas. We had calls and brainstormed, wanting to represent the spirit of the haus through the party and to let the visitors feel what betahaus is about.

We were planning music, art, and food, but how were all those things connected? What was the thread that tied them all?

I remember sitting in my kitchen a few weeks before the event and writing down words on a piece of paper - big diversity, uncommon, mixing everything, extraordinary - all words that came to my mind when thinking about the betahaus community.

Maria, our designer, was the first one to mention ‘extravaganza’. And then we all knew. That was the thread, celebrating the extravagant, the unconventional, the variety of the people that are part of our coworking spaces.

It was a celebration of the community, showcasing the diversity and creativity of the space. By using ‘extravaganza’ as a theme, we wanted to encourage exploration, innovation, and collaboration. Everyone could feel free to express themselves, and many arrived in sparkling, colorful dresses that were glowing under the lights of the Arena.

There was an ‘extravaganza table’ where everyone could add a bit of glitter, paint, and sparkling stickers.

Guests received special cards with a symbol upon arrival - a funny game that everyone loved that stimulated conversation between visitors. You had to look for three more symbols like yours, and then you could get free shots at our betabar, where Gaby & Ana were welcoming you with the best energy ever!

Music accompanied the whole evening, starting with a live concert from the betaband, who warmed up people with a funky jam session of drums, bass guitar, and saxophone.

Napalma made everyone move and get groovy with their Afro-Brazilian beats, followed by the one and only Ain The Machine who performed one of his electronic live sets - no betahaus party is complete without him.

Robbin, our former and favorite community manager, made us all dance for the closing of the party, b2b with Senergi, they took us on a smooth journey with energetic techno beats and organic sounds.

There was food on the rooftop by our friends from Zoom Fresh who selected a few who were lucky enough to try their secret kimchi recipe.

Extravaganza: Emerging Perspectives

We turned our Bungalow into an exhibition space that featured diverse art pieces from emerging artists within the betahaus community.

As mentioned, coworking spaces have thrived in the past 10 years, becoming shared working environments where individuals from different industries come together to work, collaborate and share ideas. But they are much more than that.

The spaces are environments where people can connect and grow, where different cultures meld together, and where different stories and different lives are told. Through the exhibition, we wanted to tell 10 of those stories.

Coming from different backgrounds and fields, each artist brought a unique perspective to the exhibition, utilizing various mediums to convey their artistic vision. From thread and fabric on fabric to analog shooting and digital print. From cel and 2D animation to ink and pixel-based art.

The exhibition celebrated the creativity and innovation through the eyes of Marius Nedelcu, Caspar Baron, Maria la Portuguesa, Constantin Dütemeyer, Mireia Aixelà, Maria Lunetto, Peter Szerzo, Carlo & Massico Marasco, and Rabia Seda Akagündüz and their perspective on this extravagant world.

The Power of Coworking Spaces

I've been repeating sentences like "coworking spaces are environments where people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and industries come together, share ideas, etc." over and over, every time I give a tour of the space to someone, or I talk about my job.

The party was a way to see this sentence come to life. I walked around the space and looked at the faces around me. It was a melting pot, people from all ages, coming from all over the world, with different backgrounds and stories. They were there, having drinks together, talking, laughing, sharing thoughts, dancing.

By fostering a sense of community and collaboration, a coworking space also encourages diversity and acceptance. Such environments give people the opportunity to encounter others with different ways of thinking, different worldviews, and opinions which lead to both professional and personal growth.

On March 31, 2023, at betahaus, new people met, connections were made, and new ideas were shared.

This reminded us once again of the power of coworking spaces, and we can’t wait for the next one.

📸 Want to relive the party? We went oldschool and uploaded a Facebook album! Short attention span? We also created a reel on our Instagram.

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