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Christoph Fahle
December 5, 2013

Beta present

In case you are a human being, there is one thing for certain about you - you are challenged by the ´presents issue´during the Christmas time. Well, there are at least 2 ways to make your life easier:

1. Wash and nicely re-pack the sweater with a rain dear that you got for Christmas last year (promise you, no one´s gonna notice).

2. Get a voucher for something your beloved one is into.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that this year we are finally doing it! We have just issued special Christmas Gift Vouchers! But how to know if they are right for your fellow ? Check the following points...


The betahaus| Christmas Voucher is the right thing to give in case:

1. The receiver is interested in Technology/Business/Art/Design/DIY AND is always interested in improving his/her skills and learning more.

BECAUSE: the Voucher is valid for absolutely any course or workshop out of betahaus| Education program... up till the veery end of March. (so there´s enough time to make the final choice)

2. The receiver is interested in meeting awesome people/Becoming a part of innovative community/Enjoying the working time/Good vibes.

BECAUSE: the Voucher is valid for any sort of desk at betahaus| Berlin.


If you are tempted, we are there for you. The voucher can be issued for absolutely any amount of moneyS.

To get it fixed, just drop by betahaus Reception or drop us a line at reception@betahaus.de

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