Nadine Kube
March 20, 2015

beta Lunch Menu, March 23rd - 27th

This week at betahaus | Berlin:

Tomato coconut - Soup with krupuk



Asia spring rolls with vegetables and hoi sin souce




Braised rabbit on mint Polenta and honey- onions



Vegetable lasagne with herb air



Cheese spàtzle with backed onions and fresh herbs


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Well, we all know the feeling - you order a favorite item online and are looking forward to your well-earned gem to arrive. Everything seems to go smoothly - until the parcel is just about at your doorstep.

We can tell you, It’s not only a headache for you. Turns out this “last mile” is by far the most expensive and time-consuming part of the shipping process.

As the demand for online orders and expectations of frequent supplies are constantly on the rise, it is no surprise that this final part of deliveries is becoming more important than ever before.

Between 2014-2018 the e-commerce association calculated a growth rate of consumer orders in Germany of around 52%. In 2017 alone, 3 billion parcels have been on the roads for delivery in Germany. To take that even up a notch, it’s estimated that in 2020 this number will ascend to 3,8 billion, which breaks down to more than 50 parcels per person (above the age of 14)! It is quite obvious that this is a mammoth task!

Does your startup have a solution to this dilemma? Then you are at the right place!

With the Future Logistics Challenge, we’re on the hunt for startups who support and accelerate these innovations, while Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Hermes Europe provide their chosen two winners with the needed resources and infrastructure.

Does your startup reimagine the future of the delivery driver experience and smart delivery vehicles? Do you reckon you can help to solve the ultimate goal to simplify the job of couriers through connected commercial vehicles and integrated software solutions?

From Predictive analytics to Communication Optimisation, from Sustainable Delivery to Connectivity Services — You name it. The spectrum of innovations is broad and we’d be stoked to hear what you’ve come up with!

There is Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, a stand-alone brand within the Volkswagen Group. They’re globally responsible for development and construction, as well as sales of a wide range of light commercial vehicles.

The brand draws up appropriate vehicle concepts, telematics and logistics solutions for the sparing use of resources at the highest possible level of efficiency. Making it more than a feasible partner for your startup.

Besides, there is Hermes Europe. Under the Hermes brand, a wide range of specialized companies operate all along the retail value chain, supplying comprehensive logistical services to meet global demands. 

Whether for businesses or consumers, domestically or internationally, on your doorstep or in e-commerce, over 12,000 highly trained employees work towards a single goal: fully dedicated with all of their experience for their client’s success and an easier everyday life.

Needless to say, partners with a massive potential for your startup!

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