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Alice Nell
October 24, 2013

Berlin hardware accelerator teams announced!

Hardware is hard, though we make it easier.

We are very excited to announce that the Berlin Hardware Accelerator – Class of 2013 will include the following teams: Lumedo, AirboxLab, Luuv, CloudYourCar, BrightUp, PocketEthernet, BabyWatch, DeMifi, Rockatoo, ChargeShare, & DronesRevenge.

Over the course of the accelerator the teams will be mentored by Guinness world record holding engineers, investors, makers, business pros and pitch experts.This unique program helps startups to answer questions like:

how to create a production ready design, where to manufacture your product, certifications needed for success, product logistics, marketing strategies and more! After graduating the BHA, there will be no stopping them!

Take part and see the teams in action by attending the first ever Demo-Day of the Berlin Hardware Accelerator on November 22nd. 

Don’t forget to check our calendar for more events coming up.