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Katka Nagyová
April 1, 2015

Awesome Foundation is looking for a project to award with 1000€!

Do you have an awesome project and 1000€ will kick it off? Apply now!

The Awesome Foundation, founded way back in 2009, is an international organization comprised of almost 120 loosely connected chapters all over the world. Each chapter functions independently with some centralized infrastructure support. Trustees each donate 100€ of their own money for each grant prize, which means they choose projects they really believe in.

Do you have a project that will make Berlin more awesome? Can you explain how you would use 1000€ to make something tangible happen? Then you should go to the Berlin Awesome Foundation website and submit your proposal.

The Berlin chapter of the Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences will be awarding its first grant of 2015 in early May. Submissions for this round will be open until midnight, April 28.

Apply now!

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