Katka Nagyová
September 24, 2019

How AUREA Award and Europa Park shape the VR/AR Entertainment Industry

Heads up to all VR & AR enthusiasts and innovators out there - we’ve got exciting news for you! Our betahausX partnered up with no less than AUREA Award & Europa Park to provide your innovations with a stage in this rapidly evolving field.

What is AUREA Award?

The booming sector of Augmented & Virtual Reality is revolutionizing Entertainment as we know it. As the industry is moving forward, AUREA is driven to help identify, acknowledge and support the groundbreakers, while celebrating the fusion of creativity, tech and entertainment.

The award was first launched in 2018 at Europa Park, one of the world's leading theme parks. By bringing together cutting-edge technology and industry experts from all over the world, AUREA Award kicked off the creation of a unique industry network in this growing AR and VR sector.

Photo by AUREA Award

Why is it interesting for you?

Not only is this growing hotspot a huge opportunity for your AR/VR solution to be heard of and seen but also a headstart to connect to the most relevant pioneers in the field. As a leader in immersive tech and location based entertainment itself, Europa Park completes the experience by hosting the award in a perfectly complementary setting. 

In this melting pot, selected finalists present and showcase their solutions. Moreover, they are welcomed to enjoy exciting program and remain onsite in Europa Park for the two days of the conference.

Photo by AUREA Award

Who is this for?

If your product shapes the entertainment of the future through innovative projects and creative ideas, you came to the right place - be it experience or storytelling producers, game developers, application or service providers, hardware makers, software or platform providers - you name it. The field and innovations awaited are diverse. The only requirement is that your product or service is operational, either as a company or a working product that the jury can see, hear, touch or experience.

To spare you the struggle of finding the right category for your product, the jury also takes on this part for you. Their award categories are Experience, Innovation, Interaction, Creative and Impact. All that's remained for you is to apply.

Photo by AUREA Award

Who won at AUREA 2018?

Interesting is the story of the last years winner in the category “Creative”. Hamburg based headraft literally took music experience to the next level by creating the world’s first AR Music Video for the German band “die Fantastischen Vier”. Designed for their song “Tunnel”, the cited app unfolds a virtual story world once the track starts playing, giving fans the opportunity to go on an interactive journey with the band rather than being a passive viewer. 

Applications are now open! Finalists will be awaited by a curious jury of five leading industry experts. Among others, Kathleen Cohen who was already taking part in the first year will be in the panel of judges again. With a 25-year multiplatform career history under her belt, she is one of the most regarded in the field. As a digital experience expert, she has successfully implemented projects for DreamWorks Interactive and IBM Innovation, to name a few.

Needless to say, the yearly AUREA Award is definitely the place to be. Apply and become a member of the community bringing together all the promising products and solutions in the AR/VR sector.

Photo by AUREA Award

Sounds interesting to you? Then don’t wait, applications are already open and close on the first of November.

Finalists will be announced one month later on December first!


Well, both. Currently we offer the following two options: shorter publicly available Brand Playlists and long-form private Soundtracks for spaces. For both of them we work closely with the client to understand how sound fits into their brand DNA and what their audience is like.

We believe that the guests’ experience with a particular space doesn’t have to begin and end with their stay. The idea of the Brand Playlist is to be a public brand playlists designed to engage the customers before, during, and after their visit at a space. It’s always accessible for them and serves as a new, dynamic marketing channel.

The Soundtrack is slightly different. It takes sometimes up to weeks of work and is designed by a world-class artist, DJ, or tastemaker. For it we first work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business and style. Then we match you with the perfect artist, DJ, or tastemaker to create unique, always fresh playlists, custom tailored to match your brand. 

In both cases, we update them regularly based on guest habits and clients’ needs. 

People in beta Clay Bassford Bespoke Sound

The way we engage with the music community is something really important for us and honestly, what makes us different than other background music providers. A lot of the background music providers out there have internal teams of maybe five or six DJs that do all of the music for their clients. We aim to connect with the local scene and always work with local DJs. There's some kind of magic in finding the exact right artists for the brand.

And on the flip side of it, when we hire artists, we make sure that the project is also inspiring for them and that they would be interested in participating. We always make sure to pay them well. The whole project creates for them a new income stream that they wouldn't have otherwise.

People in beta Clay Bassford Bespoke Sound

Yes! This was really fun. The objective with the betahaus "betabeer sounds" playlist was to showcase the community side of betahaus. There are so many cool, interesting people in the betahaus community and we thought a playlist could be a perfect way to not only help bring the community together but also show the diverse funkiness of the communities of Berlin and Neukölln, which is why Hazy Pockets, a longtime local Berlin DJ known for his eclectic mixes, was perfect for this project.

This playlist moves from bluesy 60s rock into surf and tropicalia, picking up momentum into Motown and onwards through some laid back disco tunes. Perfect for the betabeer events betahaus hosts monthly!


Oh, there are just so many! Like the Imren Grill for instance where you can find the best homemade Turkish food or Das Gift and Gordon which are both run by great music people. Kohelenquelle in Prenzleuer Berg is my favorite local bar (or rather kneipe). To satisfy my  techno / electronic records needs I always go to Hard Wax and one of my most special places is the Zions Kirche steeple, which has an awesome view of the city and a great Weinerei close by. 

You can see me around betahaus. Online, you can always check out my website and listen to our public playlists on Spotify. We’re also currently working on a collaboration with betahaus, so a special Playlist curated by is will very soon sound around the spaces in Kreuzberg and Neukölln. 


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