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Christoph Fahle
July 17, 2013

'AUGUST' Will Be Our Fashion Guru!

Some breaking news is really breaking. The FASHION DESIGN COURSE will be lead by Miss Josephine Thomas, creator of ´AUGUST´ fashion brand, neither more nor less than THE WINNER of Berlin Fashion Week 2013. To let Josephine tell us a little about her unique way in fashion and the upcoming course, we asked her couple of questions.

Josephine, what brought you to fashion?

I think it was a need to communicate my own visions and ideas of good-looking or provocation. I regard fashion as a screen, as a costume that expresses something nonverbal. It is a game with prejudices and drawers. So maybe fashion is the wrong word. For me it is rather 'creation'

What is your most beloved thing about fashion, what is your least beloved?

My most beloved thing about fashion design is the process from a two dimensional sketch to a three dimensional piece which hides or to decorates the body, tells a story or to tryes not to tell a story. But every piece I wear speaks up and could be heard.

It is crazy to win the fashion show during Berlin Fashion Week! How did you manage?

Well, we got to the final - at the showfloor berlin with 15 other upcoming, international  labels. That was already very exciting and amazing! We had to prepare our show in a very short time, but we did it with a lot of fun and little sleep which probably did the trick!

AUGUST is only devoted to men´s wear. Why?

We don't want to reinvent the wheel, but find new ways to design menswear. Menswear is a challenge, because we try to find out: if I were a boy, which clothes would I miss? What kind of clothes would bring some fun into menswear? What is possible next to black, grey, dark blue and white t-shirts? To kick over the traces is part of the challenge. But women can wear AUGUST too, of course! I wear a lot of menswear. It is more comfortable and I feel more free to find my own style, instead of buying what someone defines as a women style.

Why have you decided to join our education project?

I feel inspired by working with other people from various spaces and backgrounds. And I like to share my knowledge and my thoughts about a subject, in this case: fashion design, pattern construction, variations of patterns, etc. If you make the course right, you could tell much more than facts about this subject, you can help participants to understand different people, visions, ideas, problems …. various lifes! - that's exiting!

Fashion is a very complex subject. What should people expect to learn at the course.. and what shouldn´t they?

I try to inspire people to find their own way trough the complex field of fashion design and pattern construction. I want to communicate the principle and the steps to be taken of my daily work at the cutting table using the example of a simple item like a skirt or a bit more complex trousers. I hope, it enables the participants to create and construct more complex items than a skirt, a bag or a t-shirt by their own. But it takes time and you need to be really patient. There are a lot of details to be kept in mind and a lot of calculations, a lot of trials and even more errors. - don't expect it to be obvious.

Little black dress or baggy jeans jacket?

Vintage baggy stone washed jeans jacket by Wrangler.

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