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Christoph Fahle
October 8, 2013

Artful interventions and cultural hacks by PoDojo

Wondering what got born in the innospace on our 4th floor in November 2012?

Back in the summer last year, Stefan Haas was just holding the workshop about Cultural Hacking when he met Catherine, the girl with the same interests as he has - the passion for artful interventions and cultural hacks which improve the world of work. Since then they've been developing the community and blog to share stories with like-minded change makers and business pranksters. In November 2012 they initiated the PoDojo learning community of fearless Product Owners at the betahaus | Berlin which is growing since then.

Why such a name?

The mission of PoDojo is to create the “place of the way” - dōjō - to experience and learn the skills of product ownership. Here you will find regular training events, weekly Product Owner chats with practitioners about things related to agile product discovery, planning, development and product ownership.

The main PoDojo events which take place at betahaus are 3 days of intensive workshops, where product owners gather to learn the art of being an agile product owner which is far beyond just Scrum. Here you will experience what it takes to lead a team with the vision towards developing great products over the long term and with purpose. When you'll join the training, you'll be exploring customer needs iteratively and with empathy, sustainably, flexibly and fast - while having fun! Being a part of a specialised community is priceless, and therefor participants have a priceless chance to broaden their skills via being part of the #PoDoJo Sensei community network.

Did the story get you?

Check out more on www.podojo.com and visit us for the upcoming free event!

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