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Nadine Kube
May 29, 2015

Global Coworking | Meet Area Tres (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Our coworking community just got a little bigger. Introducing our new partner coworking space in Argentina, Area Tres!

About A3 Coworking

Area Tres (aka A3) created coworking spaces in Argentina that foster and house innovators in tech and entrepreneurship. Since 2009, Area Tres has been our partner of choice in South America. At the time of writing, they have 2 locations in El Salvador & Soho, a total of 1,200 m2, 220 members, and 65+ companies of all sizes working from their spaces. 

We've hardly covered what Area Tres has to offer, so we hope you'll stop by for coworking in Buenos Aires! Our members can now work for free 3 days each month! Love to roam? Read about our other partner coworking spaces around the world.