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March 3, 2016

Analogue Small Things

Another two amazing women working in the betahaus café! Gwen and Luisa discovered their mutual love for small things, and decided to join forces. Gwen has a background in fashion, as well as film & theatre design, and runs various sewing courses. Luisa Orduño Cázares is a Visual Artist from Tijuana, México, and works as an illustrator, photographer, printmaker and mixed media artist. Gwen & Luisa create 'sceneries': analogue, three-dimensional miniature worlds with characters that come to life. The possibilities are endless; sceneries can be used for children's books, animation movies, apps, games.... The ladies are still exploring.

Gwen and Luisa develop the characters and sceneries freely and without any goal; the astute artists just let their hands follow their creative minds. Gwen shapes faces out of clay, then Luisa invents a character for them.

‍Total collaboration: Luisa adds foundation to Gwen's clay faces...


‍... Gwen paints them following Luisa's illustrations

They use simple materials such as cardboard, aluminium, and plaster, and create entire universes. There is for instance the story of Bert, the most unfortunate fisherman in the world. The poor guy loves to fish, but he never catches anything.


‍Poor Bert loves to fish, but he never catches anything.


‍This is Bert in his underwater world trying to catch fish with scuba diving gear


The entire process is analogue, a style which shows the impressive detail in their handicraft. Gwen's love for theatre and set design shines through in this example of Hamlet. You can almost feel his desolation!

‍Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, shows the incredible detail Luisa and Gwen use to bring the character to life


Have some ideas to share with the ladies? Talk to them! They work in the betahaus café on weekdays. You can also reach them via their websites:

www.gwendolynnoltes.nl and www.instagram.com/luisaorduno

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