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Christoph Fahle
October 14, 2013

A Little Dude of betahaus

Hi guys,

We´ve taken part in a very inspiring project and just wanted to tell you few words about it.

betahaus created a Little dude - a cool tiny creature, which will become a part of collaborative exhibition, book and charity auction, involving top creatives from around the world.

The Little Dudes project is an amazing attempt to change big things for the best by making small things happen. About 100 creatives from all over the world have decorated tiny creatures to send them on a world improving mission. Currently, all of theses Little dudes are arriving in Berlin from around the world, ready for their grand appearance. At the upcoming party they´ll be put up for adoption and auctioned, with the proceeds going to 3 charities - hence beginning the Little dudes world saving mission.

The party will take place on November 1st, in Urban Spree Galerie. Feel more than welcome to come by, adopt a little dude and help save the world. Or just come to see all the diverse characters and enjoy the DJs, drinks and party!


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