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Christoph Fahle
March 24, 2010

A fablab for Berlin, called Open Design City

It might have been around for a couple of weeks already: We are about to add a new ingredient to the betahaus DNA this april. Together with palomar5, lasernlasern, bausteln and Mechatronik Werkstatt Berlin we will set up Berlin's first fablab in the back of betahaus and it'll go by the name of Open Design City and it will be delivered in beta. yay!

Thanks to the fellows above we already have got: 
a) a CNC router,
b) a lasercutter, 
c) a makerbot, 
d) tools, some materials, workbenches, awesome space, good coffee.

Now we are looking for makers, baustlers, designers, DIY people, architects, disciples of arduino, open design or Gyro Gearloos or Doctor Snuggles that want to take the journey with us to berlins first fablab and beyond.

Our initial offer is a 200,- €/month membership that includes the use of the betahaus office space as well as the use of the fablab and it's machines. We will figure out the rest, once you are there.

If you want to be part of it, please contact odc@betahaus.de very quickly. We do have very limited space and time to set this all up and once the workspace ist sold out, it will take a while until we will be able to provide more space. Also if you think you have got a valuable machine to contribute to the fablab, get in contact with us. We will make a special offer for those that bring stuff.

All of us were thinking, planning, talking, thinking again, planning again, talking again about all the "hows" and "whens" regarding the foundation of a fablab the we finally figured out, the best way would be to deliver in beta and walk on from there together. We all believe, that the time couldn't be better to start making and are excited like hell where this all will lead to.

Looking Forward to your Feedback

Your Open Design City Team

P.S.:  This Saturday we will have an ODC Kickstart Event. With the enabling hand of Jay Cousins and Palomar5 we will build the blueprint for the Open Design City already in Cardboard. Thanks to Modulor we will have enough cardboard in place. You only need to bring Cutters and Scissors. The session will be embedded in the betahaus birthdayparty activity including some molecular cooking, fashion fleamarket and and awesome party at night. Drop in around 5 pm and bring your scissors!!!

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