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Christoph Fahle
April 27, 2012

A Fab Café - Let's Do This!

Last week we got to know about the Tokyo based FabCafe throughout Weaving Cats Travel Log Blogpost over here. Michelle also wrote about it since she was there with Peter.

Last week we got to know about the Tokyo based FabCafe throughout Weaving Cats Travel Log Blogpost over here. Michelle also wrote about it since she was there with Peter.

What strikes me about this place is it’s welcoming atmosphere and casual introduction to fabbing. It’s in the heart of one of the busiest neighborhoods in Tokyo, and Chiaki says they get a lot of walk-ins who discover a nice-looking cafe, have a coffee, and then get curious about the laser cutter.

This week this came along on Twitter:

Followed by this Blogpost explaining the story behind and how difficult it is to get access to  rapid prototyping equipment in HighTech City Berlin whilst it is no longer a question of big money oder low demand.

Well, that is what we want. Let's do this. It seems the right time. Now let's have a look at how this can be done. a) Let's have a look at what we already have, b) what we are still in need of and c) where this could lead to.

  • What we do have: 
  • We have got the space. We have got Open Design City and the betahaus Café.
  • Opening Hours are Mo - Fri 8 am - 8 pm, enough time to fab.
  • We have got Staff operating the bar, opening the space, administering keys, supplies and taking care of payments and organizational needs
  • We have got a limited number of tools in the back
  • We even host the 3D Printer (Makerbot) of an honored citizen of Open Design City
  • What we are (probably) still in need of
  • We'd need a properly set up 3D Printing Station that can be moved around and fits into ODC and the Café and it should be very accessible
  • We need somebody being able to operate it on standby or it should very very easy to operate it yourself.
  • We need a Project Owner who is moving things forward until things run smoothly. This is a Project!
  • One might want have a Lasercutter as well. But maybe this goes to the future section. We have to start somewhere.
  • This could lead to
  • A real Fab Café in Berlin
  • Better and bigger Machines later on
  • More Workshops, DIY stuff.
  • Revitalization of ODC

Berlin, what do you think of this?

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