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Alice Nell
March 30, 2016

7 IoT Startups to Keep An Eye On

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things, Smart industries, and Industry 4.0. You’ve probably heard of IoT startups like Bragi, Panono, Buddyguard and Senic, but there are pleny more. The space is packed with B2B startups dealing with very specific and highly technical topics, and as they work with corporate clients, they tend to slip off the radar entirely. It’s about time we put them in the spotlight! Reason moreover; Ernst & Young just made a selection of 7 incredibly interesting IoT startups that they’re helping to accelerate in their Start-Up Challenge here at betahaus. Let us introduce you.


ITiZZiMO is a German IoT startup that offers ‘The Simplifier’: a smart business platform for the IoT that aims to simplify knowledge transfers, documentation, and work processes, amongst other things. It connects people with data, software-based products, and mobile devices like smartphones, tables, smart watches, and glasses. All kinds of processes can be digitally transformed by using perfectly fitting applications that reduce complexity and automate workflows. The app, for instance, allows companies to break down tasks into small steps for employees, and to reduce employees’ travel expenses by offering video and audio stream support of colleagues who work remotely.


Ever imagined getting to know about each and every process in a factory within mere seconds? n-Join is the IoT startup that makes it possible. Immediately after being installed, this desktop-sized device listens to all of a factory’s machine-to-machine communications, analyses them real-time, and then uses that information to provide customized tools and insights to plant engineers and managers. It does so by using machine learning algorithms to build up a data-driven model of the entire production process, all without interfering with factory operations. If any part of the process chain needs maintenance or if anomalies are detected, the system alerts the relevant people.

IoT Startups - n-Join


Zolertia is a Spanish IoT startup that develops hardware and software such as sensors, chips, and software packages that can be used to connect products to the Internet of Things. Zolertia’s ‘Re-Mote’, for example, is a small device that enables any idea to be connected to the Internet, complete with a multiband antenna to provide a seamless connectivity for most indoor and outdoor applications, and an incredibly long battery lifespan. Want to start build your own IoT application? The Firefly, a breakout board that allows hand-access to densely spaced pins on a microchip, is designed to prototype from scratch. Is your IoT product ready to scale? Then the Zoul offers a build-in-solution; system-on-module, with the same features as The Firefly, but more cost efficient.

Envio Systems

Envio Systems is an IoT startup in Berlin that offers affordable and easy-to-install building management systems. These systems are able to turn any existing commercial building into a smart building. Using "Base", their cloud-based building management software, Envio’s hardware solution “Cube“ takes care of the building’s hardware for intelligent lighting, ventilation, climate controls, and pre-emptive maintenance and error detection.


Opal helps companies to reduce food waste, ensure stock availability, and improve service, by offering precise, real time predictions of customer demand and process measures in supply chains. The American IoT startup does so by using predictive mathematical models and taking into account weather forecasts, global and local events, and other relevant information. For instance data provided by supermarket customers about freshness and stock of groceries.


It’s no longer a secret that autonomous vehicles are happening. Swiss IoT startup BestMile is building an ecosystem to manage whole fleets of them. It does so by re-shaping fleets from groups of ‘individual vehicle robots’ into collective, intelligent, and flexible mobility systems using a control tower, or “brain”. Their fleet management software is designed for all kinds of operators, including those who don’t have extensive training in public transportation software. Passengers can check an app to see vehicles’ real-time location when they call and request a ride, amongst other things.


Monitorem by German IoT startup IDEATARMAC is a trouble-shooting automation platform for e- commerce businesses, providing real-time intelligence of user experience and custom solutions for demandware. The platfform offers 24/7 monitoring, solution support, and performance optimization services for e-Retailers and agencies using Demandware technology both in US and Europe.

Which IoT startups do you think are about to make it big? Learn more about these startups and other startups participating in the EY's Start-up-challenge that happened right here at betahaus! And if your startup is looking for a new space in Berlin, discover more about becoming a member at betahaus