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Jack Henderson
August 18, 2016

Our new partner Emmy: Log On. Jump On. Drive Off.

You’ll have seen their red scooters dotted around the city, but how many of you have actually ridden one? Well now’s your chance! betahaus just became a registration point for Emmy sharing and with the sign up code ‘betahaus’ you get your first 20 minutes of driving for free!

Here’s how it works

They also come with two helmets, so you can always give your friend a lift. As well as that, you don’t have to worry about charging them, as Emmy takes care of that. Besides, even if you do jump on a scooter with 12% charge, that’s still 12km driving distance. They’re not just for city use, if you go out of the city the Emmy will still work. Note, you’ll have to spend 5ct per minute parking when you’re out of the city area, but it means you can go on that day-trip to the lake!


Step 1
First, either go online and register or come to the betahaus reception and have your driving licence verified on the spot!

Step 2
Download the Emmy-app to see all the scooters in your area. Then, select a scooter that’s close to you and reserve it.

Step 3
Open the scooter with the app. As soon as you’re next to the scooter you’ll be able to hear the loud “CLICK”. This means the back box is unlocked, then you can grab the key and a helmet. Safety first!

Step 4
Put the key in the ignition, retract the stand and take off. Remember that since the scooter is electric no one can hear it.

Step 5
Once you’re at your destination, park the scooter on the sidewalk, don’t worry it’s allowed! Then put everything back where it belongs. Close the helmet box and lock it by pushing the button in the app which says “end reservation”. Then once again, you’ll then hear the “CLICK” sound which shows that the box is locked and the rent has ended.

Step 6
You’ll get an email billing you with your journey, so you know how much money it cost you or how many free minutes you have left.

Click here to find out more about being a betahaus member.