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Alice Nell
January 15, 2016

2015 / 2016 with Adrian Stewart

If December is all about reflecting and setting new goals, then January would be the month to actually get to work: to push limits, change habits and work to reach those goals. In our 2015/2016 series, betahaus members share with you what they've learned in 2015, and what their goals are for 2016.

Adrian Stewart


  1. Isolation is a killer - Get amongst it & make friends The freelance lifestyle can be isolating, especially as a writer. Talk to people, smile, make friends. You never know where it can lead. ...
  2. Morning routine is key - Start your day right Do the same things in the same order every morning. Start each day with momentum. For me it's... wake up, work out, make the bed, drink tea, read the journal, meditate, eat breakfast. Make your mornings a time for you! ...
  3. Stop! Remember to enjoy life Work to live. Go on small holidays. Meet new people. Practice gratitude - write down three things every day. Take time to stop and appreciate the little things. Enjoy good food, friends, music, and sunshine. 


Start each day with momentum


  1. Write more under my own name, grow my own blog and build my own rep as a writer ...
  2. Build passive income through my marketing and writing business ...
  3. Release my solo album & play more shows ...
  4. Read 25+ books ...
  5. Travel through South America 


Build passive income through my marketing and writing business

... Adrian is a writer, rapper and strategist from Sydney, Australia. He's been in Berlin since February 2015 and spent his days on level 3 writing articles, copy, eBooks and lyrics. He is quite fond of a few beers, loves playing music and has been told he spits some pretty bad ass freestyles. Want to get in touch with Adrian? Send him an e-mail!

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