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February 9, 2017

20 Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Business Owner Needs to Know

We have all gotten used to the lightning fast development of new technologies. Users eagerly await the latest in technology and adapt to it rapidly. Well, put on your seatbelt because the mobile market is racing toward a record growth year at an unbelievable pace.

1. 80% of internet users own a smartphone. (Smart Insights)

Walk into any coffee shop or waiting room and see this for yourself. The smartphone is a vital part of most consumers’ lives. Look around and see how the phones are being used. Voice calling and texting, not so much. Apps, videos, media, and internet are how users pass their time. With cell service providers offering larger data packages and deals for subscribers, mobile app usage will only increase.

2. 50% of all smartphone owners check their notifications as soon as they wake up. (ExpressPigeon, 2014)

Many smartphone owners use their phone as an alarm clock, so it is the first thing they see in the morning. Checking push notifications and email often follows soon after turning off the alarm.

3. 89% of mobile media time is spent on apps, 11% on websites. (Smart Insights)

Consumers want mobile apps that provide engaging media and interaction. Create a mobile app to deliver your brand experience to your customers’ hands. Find an app maker that allows you to create and publish an app at an affordable price.

4. 48% of consumers begin mobile research with a well-known search engine. (Smart Insights)

Produce content and optimize search terms to make it easy for your clients to find you online.

5. The highest add-to-cart rates on e-commerce websites if from tablet devices. (Smart Insights)

Make sure your website is completely mobile compatible and functional. Tablet users browse and purchase.

But also:

6. The percentage of companies optimizing email for mobile devices increased by 22% in a year. (Adestra)

Your emails must read clearly and display your brand consistently to be effective. Decide if your business will use a simple template that works well on all devices or create a mobile responsive email template.


7. 70% of consumers will delete non-mobile compatible emails immediately. (Blue Hornet)

Users want well-formatted and visually appealing emails. Deliver your message and represent your brand with mobile-optimized emails.


8. By 2018, 80% of email users will access their email accounts exclusively from a mobile device. (Email Monday)

Do you need any more of a reason than that to make sure your emails are optimized for all mobile platforms?


9. 71% of marketing experts believe mobile marketing should be a major focus of any campaign. (Salesforce)

The professionals know mobile usage has exploded, and mobile users are a perfect audience for interactive marketing.


10. 68% of all companies have made mobile marketing a part of their marketing plan. (Salesforce)

Businesses around the world are seeing the profit potential in mobile marketing. Make sure your brand is available to mobile users.


11. 58% of companies have a dedicated mobile marketing team. (Salesforce)

As a small business, you might not have a full team, but mobile marketing is important enough to be part of someone’s job description and a regular responsibility. Find out how to make an app without costing you a fortune by using a top app maker.


12. 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that is hard to access or not mobile compatible. (MicKinsey & Company)

Google’s research shows users have little patience for a website that does not function well or read clearly on a mobile device. In fact, 40% will seek out a competitor’s website instead of yours. Don’t push customers away! Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.


13. 48% of millennials view video exclusively on a mobile device. (Business Of Apps)

Younger audiences expect and respond to video content. Include informative and entertaining video in your mobile marketing if your target audience is young.


14. Mobile will account for 50% of digital ad spending in 2016. (Business Of Apps)


15. By 2019, mobile advertising will account for 72% of all digital ad spending in the US. (Marketing Land)

These two statistics show the explosive growth in mobile marketing, and that growth is to meet consumers’ demands and evolving shopping habits.


16. Emails opened on a mobile device has increased by 180% in the last three years. (Email Monday)

Again, look around the coffee shop. Those customers not on a mobile app are probably reading, responding to, or deleting emails. Make sure your marketing plan gives customers a reason to open your emails.


17. More people report using their smartphone to open an email (79% of users) than to make a voice call. (Email Monday)

The smartphone may soon be a misnomer. Fewer people are making voice calls while data use is soaring.


18. 40% of mobile searches are for a local business. (Google Mobile Moments Study)

A typical search is for ____ business or service near me. People are looking for the local alternative or a business that is easy to access. Make sure your mobile presence screams “easy to access.”


19. 57% of users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (CMS Report)

Word of mouth will suffer if the user experience was less than optimal. Outdated websites, poorly formatted emails, and inaccessible content frustrates users.


20. Consumers redeem mobile offers ten times more frequently than print offers. (eMarketer)

The day of the paper coupon is nearly gone. Who wants to remember to carry them? But the phone is always nearby. Give regular mobile offers to draw customers to your location.


The mobile marketplace has grown exponentially and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Consumers love the convenience. They can browse their favourite store while waiting in the doctor’s office, purchase new shoes on a long drive, and read about new products and services while enjoying a latte.

One more statistic to drive this home:  88% of consumers will call or visit a business within 24 hours if they found the website by searching on a mobile phone. When users search, it is with a purpose – they need that service or want that product. Make sure your business is listed in directories, and the listing is up to date. Every business can get in on this lightning-speed trend!


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