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Wanted: Marketing & Communication Intern at betahaus

Are you organized, motivated, interested in DIY culture, and keen on meeting all kinds of interesting and creative people? Open Design City wants you!

About the position

Open Design City is a hands-on, creative coworking department of betahaus, and can best be described as a mix of fab-lab and makerspace. People come to Open Design City to prototype their ideas, get input on projects, build all kinds of things, and participate in some neat workshops.


We are looking for a marketing & communication intern who will work with us on spreading the word about our space online and offline. Your duties will include:

  • Promotion of Open Design City and Build or Buy store on various social networks.
  • Creating and executing guerilla marketing campaigns.
  • Researching funding.
  • Organising workshops, and finding people to host them.
  • Co-creating events, e.g. Maker Party

Next steps

If this sounds like the right job for you, and if you’re available for at least 3 months, feel free to contact us via somewhere.