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It's the Coffee, Stupid - Looking for a Barmanager Who Kicks Ass

Nope, we are not looking for a developer. We are actually looking for somebody who can take over the management of our beloved betahaus | café and its services.

About the position

This is the heart of betahaus. The place where everybody meets. The first thing people see when they enter betahaus. This is the THING, the center, the eye of the thunder. In other words: you will work at the core of betahaus. You will be be the one very important person to manage and curate the café, provide us with delicious food, coffee and an awesome service plus you will be responsible for caterings and other event-related activities. THE BETAHAUS: As Steve Jobs would put it, we are located at the intersection of liberal arts, technology and business and your job is the one of the station master. Managing the betahaus | café is versatile piece of art. We have got an amazing team installed which will support you and we represent a mind-blowing community of makers, coworkers, startups and business guys around all kinds of different topics connected by a shared workspace, shared ideas and shared visions. You'll also be confronted with a colorful bunch of guests everyday that just happen to pass by betahaus. Businessmen, Corporates, Artists, Politicans. betahaus | café is like a harbor. Ships with ideas pull in and out. You and your team will have to know everything about coworking while you are serving the coffee and making sure everything runs smooth.


Let's get to the details: 

  • You have got experience of some kind in managing a bar/restaurant/café- You have got an Idea what accounting is and how that works in relation to bar business.
  • The Internet is run by coffee. You are a coffee geek and know how to do the flat white.
  • You don't get scared by 500 unexpected guests and see everything from a service orientated point of view.
  • You are a social person and like other people. You speak german and english and you've got a struktured way of working.
  • Work doesn't happen between 9-5 only at betahaus. We don't pull 80 hours weeks either. You are flexible, we are demanding.

Next steps

Well then, grab your pencil and write an application or If you know somebody who would fit our call, forward this to him.You can get the full score if you apply via Somewhere, an awesome Startup of betahaus. In fact this is a must. You can hand in a CV and stuff additionally to kontakt@betahaus.de. Apply until the 3rd of August. That's the Deadline.