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23rd July, 2019

19:00 - 22:00


betahaus | Kreuzberg; Innospace, 1st floor


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Organised by: Plan A & betahaus

Zero Waste 101. Crash course on how to be kinder to the planet.


Welcome to Plan A’s “Zero Waste 101”!

With this event we will take you on a crash course with tips and tricks on having a zero waste lifestyle with the help of 4 organisations. Zero Waste Berlin International, BioBunnies, Trip Woman and Devista will help us explore new solutions to going zero waste, from food shopping, cosmetics, fashion to travelling.

A full package, we daresay, of climate action to reduce waste and become a better tenant of our planet.

About Plan A
Plan A is the first data-driven action platform in the fight against climate change. We use data to predict where and how climate change will hit the hardest and based on the insights, channel capital from planet-conscious businesses to environmental organisations and innovators who address these issues in the affected locations. We want to connect and engage all members of the sustainable tribe and beyond to build a stronger, more resilient future. Follow @planaearth to learn more about our actions or click here to subscribe to The Planetarium Newsletter.


We have created a space for climate action to thrive. Whether you are a supporter, a project leader, part of a company or a person with an interest in creating change, join us online to interact with a community of like-minded actors of climate action at:

About Guest
About Zero Waste Berlin International:
Zero Waste Berlin International is a platform to promote the Zero Waste lifestyle among the
international community of Berlin. With talks, workshops, and events, the project was born to break the language barrier and make the information accessible to everyone.

Coral Ruz, founder of the project, started a Zero Waste life in 2018. “The fact that sometimes to find information, resources, and solutions for a Zero Waste life is not easy, was the perfect
combination to make this idea grow. One day is one change, but at the end of the year, I want to influence thousands of persons making thousands of changes. Only this way, we can do something about our planet.”

About BioBunnies:
BioBunnies provides our customers with exciting eco-beauty products that have not been
tested on animals (or are owned by companies that do so), contain solely natural organic ingredients have the utmost respect for nature throughout the sourcing, development and manufacturing stages of each product.

Founded in summer 2018 by Ashley Jones, the BioBunnies are on a mission to promote beauty, health wellness products that are good for both people and planet. We support stock ethical brands that believe in conscious living, ethical trading and actively making a stand against the plastic crisis that causes a huge amount of ecological destruction for our planet, our world’s oceans and wildlife.

About TripWoman:
TripWoman App• is a eco/female traveller community willing to help each other and exchange tips, experiences and accommodation, together we try to reduce the environmental impact of our trip. Tania Picado (CEO) and Rosario Batalla (CMO) will present and share their findings from the road!

Important info:

This event will take place at betahaus Kreuzberg, Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23.