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4th April, 2019

18:00 - 21:00


Innosapce, 1st floor


Members: Free

Non-Members: Free


Organised by: Jolocom and betahaus

Your decentralized identity: what it is, where you can use it, and the industries experimenting with it today

A Meetup hosted by Jolocom

Today’s digital environment puts our identities at tremendous risk. Modern consumer data breaches expose sensitive information about consumers in mass quantities, and regular internet users combat intrusive online advertising and malicious redirects that target their data. What makes these conditions even worse for our digital identities is the climate of non-disclosure and misinformation on how our data is being used. Any way you look at it, the way we practice and model identity management in the digital world isn’t working.

Self-sovereign identity is an emerging solution to this challenge. The idea is to put users in control of their data. Blockchain technology makes this next generation of identity management possible: you can store, access, and choose which credentials to share with services autonomously.

The applicability of a decentralized identity is vast -- from government services, to e-commerce, mobility, housing, healthcare, and more -- there are countless ways we can or will be able to use our self-owned, self-managed, self-sovereign personal data.

Join our Meetup on 4 April 2019 at 6pm at betahaus Berlin to explore some of these emerging use cases in a relaxed atmosphere with the passionate people powering SSI solutions across a wide range of industries.

This Meetup will be casual, highly interactive, and open to all levels of expertise. Come demo your own self sovereign identity, talk shop with developers working on the open source protocols that make it possible, or learn how your industry could move away from centralized solutions and towards this future decentralized ecosystem.

The Program

18:00-18:30 Doors open, drinks

18:30-18:35 Moderator welcome, house rules, agenda, hashtags, etc. (Ellie Stephens)

18:35-18:40 DWeb BER intro (Joachim Lohkamp)

18:40-18:50 Interactive introduction to self-sovereign identity (Sean Li)

18:40-19:10 Lightning talks: 5 min. per speaker on a self-sovereign identity use case

19:10-19:20 Open mic: audience members can take 1-min. turns on the mic for any comments, or use case proposals

19:20-20:00 Question and Answer with speakers

20:00-21:00 Beer and networking