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21st November, 2019

18:30 - 21:30


betahaus Kreuzberg, 1st floor, Innospace


Members: Free

Non-Members: Free


Organised by: betahaus

Wanted: Changemakers - From ideas to positive social change

betaSalon invites you to an evening on better futures: How can I make a difference? What does it take to bring change into the world?

A rapidly transforming, increasingly interconnected world demands everyone to be able to contribute to and adapt to change; many companies put purpose before profit combining passion, values and entrepreneurship towards a positive impact on society.

Creating change is not restricted to a single sector, organization or type of person. But If everyone can be a change maker, what does it mean to be an agent of change today? What tools are necessary? What mindset is essential to bring an idea forward to create change and how can you make a living with it? What are the current challenges on both sides, change makers and social investors?

On 21 November 2019 betahaus invites all current and future change makers, friends and partners to join the debate on better futures and making an impact.

Panel with

Anne Kathrin Merkle - WWF/Impact Hub

Johanna Kühner - SuperCoop Berlin

Christina von Rotenhan - art/and as Host

More panelist to be announced soon

Guests will have the chance to continue the conversation with a reception following the panel discussion.

The event is FREE, but make sure to RSVP, so we know you're coming!


18:30 - Doors Open & Welcome

19:00 - 20:15 - Panel incl. Q&A

20:15 - Reception