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Unlock CRM Mastery: Streamline Your Data, Supercharge Your Sales

Drowning in CRM clutter?

Join Abhishek Singla, founder of Ziel Lab, in a transformative session that not only tackles the clutter of CRM systems but also highlights the critical role of analytics in steering your business towards growth.

Discover how to transform your CRM and analytics from tangled webs of data into streamlined powerhouses of opportunity, freeing your team from the endless cycle of management and cleanup.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The Key to a Clean CRM and Sharp Analytics: Strategies to keep your CRM and analytics organized, understandable, and compliant, saving your business from the black hole of data management.
  • Beyond Cleanup: How a well-implemented CRM and analytics framework opens doors to revolutionary automations for lead generation and deepens customer relationships, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters—growth and engagement.

Ziel Lab isn't just about CRM solutions; it's about crafting a future where your CRM and analytics work for you, turning challenges into opportunities for innovation. If your business is ready to leap from maintenance to growth, leveraging both CRM and analytics, this session is your first step.

About Abhishek
Abhishek Singla is leading the way at Ziel Lab. With a deep dive into tools like Segment, HubSpot, Keap, Pipedrive, GA4, Mixpanel and many others, he developed a knack for untangling the complex world of CRM and analytics. His journey has been about more than just mastering these tools; it's about helping businesses like yours simplify their processes, so you can focus more on nurturing customer relationships and leveraging data insights. Abhi is here to share practical steps on how you can overcome CRM and analytics hurdles together.

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