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11th & 18th June

19:00 - 21:00


betahaus | Kreuzberg; InnoSpace, 1st floor


Members: Free

Non-Members: 15€


Organised by: Sophie Bayerlein

Tools for Life - Workshop Series

TOOLS FOR LIFE is a talk where spoken word is complemented by strong visual language about how challenges in life can be digested. Starting with challenging situations in life the storyline is traveling towards how to initiate change, acceptance and personal growth.

TOOLS FOR LIFE is a motivational workshop series of sessions (open for all levels > newbies and experienced ones). The visual language is giving a solid foundation for your all-time reminders for more awareness. For either spoken words and visual language it is key that humor is the engine to open a conversation for maybe not so easy topics in life. This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in personal development.

In the first session we will discover what happens in our mind and body when we face challenges in life. From moments of being occupied by overwhelming emotions to dealing with feelings, in order to achieve a solid understanding of how to take on challenges. In the next session, we will see how to initiate change through different assumptions, exploring acceptance and your own personal tools for how to leave the looping cycle of rewounding ourselves. In the last session we will make a collective analysis of how we interact in our relationships with others. Through the method of non violent communication, we will talk about concepts, messages and strategies of how to live together and communicate in a healthier way.

These sessions use the following tools: speech, drawing, interaction and audience participation. Poster format incorporated drawings give a very specific direction for the viewer to easy follow the messages and be able to get wholesome impact. This workshop format builds on hands-on tasks in easy to handle formats. With each session one can learn more tools and more about challenges in life. We will create a space for knowledge, exchange and debate.


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* A minimum of 6 attendants is required to run the workshop
, maximum 30 attendants


Sophie Bayerlein is a professional graphic designer being experienced in the field of personal development through diverse practices from personal experience and research to coaching trainings. This workshop builds on an experience in a creative process of group facilitation and visual communication. www.studio-strong.com