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20th November, 2019

18:00 - 20:30


betahaus Neukölln, 4th floor


Members: Free

Non-Members: 20 euro


Tester Night: discovering your own sexuality | Berlin

How would the world and our life look like if we would embrace female sexuality?

Female sexuality has been covered for many years and is still now. But we are in a precious moment where many women & men are standing up asking for this to end.

Women are sexual beings and still nowadays just a few women have a healthy relationship with their sexuality. We believe that as long as we don’t give space for conversations around sexuality to happened healthy sexuality won’t arrive in this world.

betahaus and In a woman's body have joined forces to create this 2-hour experiential workshop where we will give you the space to imagine it together. Follow by the tools to embrace this change NOW.

To speak openly about our sexuality can be completely healing. And can heal us collectively together, bringing up the taboos so we can support each other in this journey towards embracing our female sexuality.

To make this possible we have created this workshop where you will have the safe space to speak & discover female sexuality. It will come together with the right questions, tools & supporting community so we can in this 2-hour workshop discover how to bring it into our life and the world.

Why tester night?

This is for you to test how is going the One Day Women's Sexuality Workshop
happening on the 23rd of November. Where we will deepen in all the necessary aspects to transform your sexuality for better.

This workshop is for you if:

• You want to discover how the world and your life would look like if we would embrace female sexuality.

• You are ready to let go of sexual shame or guilt.

• You want to enter into the transformation journey that represents heal your sexuality.

• You want to meet other women that are on a similar personal growth journey as you are.

• You want to be in a safe space where you can share your story and learn from other women.

• You want to learn practical tools that you can apply to your life to invite the sexual life you wish to have.

• You want to awake your inner power.

• You want more intimacy and pleasure in your relationship.

• You want a safe space to learn & speak about sexuality.

• You want the community & support to enter into this transformation journey.


This is going to be an interactive workshop where we will be sharing experiences together in small groups so we can feel enough intimacy to feel safe by sharing.

• Welcoming.

• Why healing your sexuality will transform your life for better?

• Meditation to connect with our wombs.

• Introduction: we will introduce each other in a specific and playful way.

• Practices: I will be guiding you to different practices so you can genuinely meet each other and grow trust within all the other women.

• We will guide you through different facilitation practices to imagine together how the world & our life could look like.

• Practices to welcome pleasure in our lives: we will learn several practices to welcome pleasure and arise sensuality in our lives.

• Closing circle: a closing ceremony to gather the energy we have created for ourselves so we can feel powerful after the circle.

• You will receive a pdf with all the information we will share in the workshop. So you can fully experience the workshop with your presence.

•A free follow-up session with me 2 weeks after the workshop via email. Where you will be able to ask me any questions that could have.

This will be a safe space and you are not obligated to do anything that you do not feel prepared to do.

The spots are limited to 50 women. It is going to be a truly special experience. If you don't want to miss it, reserve your ticket through the following link:

(For our betahaus community we have a free entrance code available. Please send an email to robbin@betahaus.de to receive it)

*General ticket: 20 Euros.

*General ticket for the Tester night workshop + One Day Women's Sexuality Workshop: 90 Euros, if you buy them before the 10th of November.

Click in the link below to read all the details about the One Day Women's Sexuality Workshop:



I am a Women's Holistic Healthcare Facilitator & Speaker. I guide women to connect with their menstrual cycle & sexuality to heal from the pain held in their bodies related to these topics.

I blend these two topics with tools of personal growth so you can truly transform your life and awaken your inner power. I do this through private sessions and workshops where you can feel safe, heal, experience yourself in new ways, share your story, see yourself in other women's stories, feel your power and realize how important your voice is.

My connection with my body and my personal experience are the main source of knowledge and inspiration for my work. But I have invested too in studying with the best teachers I could find regarding facilitation, sexuality from different points of view, menstrual cycle awareness, pelvic care, the subconscious, and trauma. I have learned from dancers, theatre teachers, facilitators, sexual coaches, pelvic care therapist and energy work therapists.

This workshop will be held in a safe container of an intimate community of **woman-identified individuals of all orientations, where vulnerability is celebrated and shameless self-expression is encouraged.

** When I speak about women I speak about the ones who were born in female bodies, were raised as girls, and now see themselves in a social & psychological role identity of woman.

You will leave this workshop feeling empowered, connected with yourself & others, inspired and with a clear understanding of how to work with yourself.