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19th May, 2020

17:30 – 19:00




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Organised by: betahaus, Founders Initiative & Ironhack

SMART NETWORKING: Finding Your Supportive Female Network

What difference do you think it would make in your career if you had a community of women to offer guidance? Women who could help remove roadblocks, share opportunities, and speak

On May 19th, The Female Founder Initiative (by The Founder Institute), and betahaus are powering a highly-actionable event series that seeks not just to connect ambitious people, but to bring them together to create structural change that redefines success as we know it.

“SMART NETWORKING: Finding Your Supportive Network” is part 1 of this series. In this online networking dynamic led by a hands-on facilitators, you’ll "sit" in intimate groups as you work through creative tasks and challenges that foster connection and collaboration. You’ll practice asking for support and share what you can offer to others.

What you’ll takeaway:

*Discuss the challenges and opportunities of virtual/online networking

* Really meet and build your supportive network

* Get help with your own challenges or questions

* Learn tools and exercises that you can bring with you

* Make a change in the global movement towards equality for women in business

Why is this different from other events?

Some medium-term solutions like accelerators, prizes, hackathons designated for women raise consciousness, but they're not a solution on their own.

With backing by The Founder Institute and betahaus, this highly-actionable event series is about creating sustainable, structural change. It’s a grassroots initiative to reimagine and find solutions that encourage and uplift females to participate in tech and entrepreneurship.

Reserve your seat and stay tuned for more!