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20th September, 2019

11.00 - 12.00


betahaus | Kreuzberg, Meetingroom 1.3


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Organised by: betahaus & Carmel Finnan

'Simple Steps to Successful Presentations' Workshop | Kreuzberg

Presenting your ideas is an essential business skill that you can easily learn.

Like most of us, you probably dread speaking in front of people – even if it’s just in front of friends at betabreakfast!

Presenting our ideas to a group is now an unavoidable part of our working lives today, in written and spoken form, e.g. the pitch, your website, meetings, PR-material, etc.

If your run a business, then you know it’s a necessary skill you have to learn – sooner rather than later! And it’s a skill you can greatly improve with regular practice!
In this hands-on presentation we’ll take a practical approach to understanding the basic ingredients of a successful presentation – and how to implement them straight away:

- What are the ‘golden rules’ for getting it right?
- What are the absolute ‘Don’t’?
- What makes a presentation memorable (a positive memory!)?
- Can you avoid ‘killing’ a presentation using powerpoint?

How to register? 
This workshop is limited to 8 people. You can claim your spot by sending an email to cafinnan@gmail.com.

About the Workshopholder
Carmel Finnan gathered her skills and expereinces as a Communication and Storytelling Consultant working as a teacher, lecturer, copywriter, life coach & parent.

She is the owner of Story Dialogue, which focuses on helping businesses at all stages of development turn their big ideas into successful enterprises. How well you are able to communicate is the key to getting the attention of various audiences, making them curious and inspiring them to take action!