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Organised by: Dillon Carroll

Rapid Prototyping: Iterate to a Marketable Product

betahaus | Office Hours are one-on-one free consultancy sessions (30 mins) with experts from our community to our community.

With these Office Hours (1 on 1 sessions) you will gain insights into the seed investors perspective and support on topics such as business modeling, go 2 market approach, target group structuring and on funding need/valuation etc. 

About Event Holder (Rapid Prototyping: Iterate to a Marketable Product)

Entrepreneurs have a dilemma: how can they build a product if they're not sure it's what their customers really want? The answer to that: rapid, experiential prototyping to test crucial assumptions and hypotheses all entrepreneurs have about their business, customers, and product. Many are familiar with concepts such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and other methodologies, but executing them effectively can be difficult. The trick is to focus on prototyping the experience of the product, rather than the actual technology. The technology can usually be sorted out, and the human question is the one worth answering. With truly rapid, experiential prototypes, entrepreneurs can iterate to solving a problem that their customers will gladly pay for, ultimately achieving the only validation that matters: a paying customer.

This is of obvious benefit to an early stage startup still developing their product-market fit, but it can be equally as valuable for making established organizations more agile and lean.

Dillon Dakota Carroll is an entrepreneur from Oklahoma, in the United States. An engineer by training, he "pivoted" to entrepreneurship and has his own Oklahoma-based startup building independence-enhancing accessories for wheelchair users. He has taught rapid prototyping and customer discovery workshops in dozens of coworking spaces around the world.

Important Information:

  • To secure your spot please register in advance. 
  • Office Hours is a one-on-one consultation session. Not a group workshop or a presentation.
  • Once you arrive, please go to reception and wait. The event will take place at the "Club Lounge" located next to Reception.
  • Only one session (30 minutes) per person per month.