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19th March, 2019

18:30 - 21:00





Luiza Arcuschin and betahaus

Purpose in Action Toolbox // Authentic Storytelling


“Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the ideas of others.” – Peter Forbes

Authentic Storytelling // Share your message in a creative way

We all have a story that is worth sharing. A well-crafted story can spark change in the world or provide comfort to those around us. They hold the power to connect us, inspire, lead, and create change. Stories can broaden our understanding, and change our perspective.

So what does storytelling have to do with you, your ideas, or your business? Well, everything! If you can’t properly communicate your ideas to your audience, they won’t be able to connect with them. They won’t be able to learn more about your vision, understand your ideas, or help you create the impact that you’re envisioning.

In this practical and interactive workshop, facilitated by creative copywriter Tess Tettelin and digital marketing consultant Jorinde Olling, you will learn how to craft your Why I Do What I Do story and deliver it in a memorable way. You will learn how to humanise complex ideas, voice them in the right words, and deliver an engaging story that conveys your ideas in a clear and powerful way.


  • Why sharing your story is crucial for turning your ideas into reality
  • How to strip an idea to its core and communicate the real value behind it
  • How to craft, structure and prepare a persuasive story
  • How to connect with the audience on an emotional level
  • How to deliver your story with confidence and clarity

By the end of the day, you will have the tools in place to further refine your story, along with the confidence to go out there and deliver it!


  • Tess Tettelin, Storyteller and Design Enthusiast. As a storyteller and creative creator, Tess is dedicated to help passionate entrepreneurs share their story online, using social media, (web) design & creative copywriting as her tools. With her strong empathetic communication skills, she's passionate about connecting individuals with their own unique voice, and impacting the world by sharing their unique gifts.

  • Jorinde Olling, artists and marketing strategist. Jorinde is a Berlin-based visual artist and creates intuitive abstract art. Using the power of movement and art, she helps people to take a jump into the unknown through heart-opening and creative workshops. When not making art, she uses her creative and analytical skills to supports business(es owners) with digital marketing so they can confidently pursue their dreams too.

Conscious Contribution

In order to make this workshop accessible to all, we would like to give you the freedom of consciously choosing with how much would you like to contribute.

As we only have 15 places available, we kindly ask you to register with a €15 commitment fee, and after the workshop we will give you the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution.