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November 4th

18:30 - 20:00




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Practical ways to boost your productivity and motivation in your daily life

How to increase your levels of mental and emotional fitness

This interactive online-event is designed to provide you with practical tools to boost your levels of positivity, motivation, and personal effectiveness when it comes to managing their day. We will be looking at the latest discoveries in the neuroscience of wellbeing and productivity to understand what are the necessary conditions to create a great personal workspace while ensuring we thrive mentally and emotionally.

To make the event as engaging as possible, you will get involved throughout the talk by doing some powerful mini exercises designed to challenge your thinking, help you connect with other members, and most importantly teach you how to increase your levels of mental and emotional fitness.

Secure you spot for this event here: https://bit.ly/3khKwFu

*For this event we will be using the tool Hopin. All of the instructions will be explained at the beginning of the event. We advice you to be on time to not miss out on anything!

About the event holder

The event will be run by Filippo di Lenardo, co-founder of 3SSENTIA, the personal management system for the modern-day professional.

A 3rd time entrepreneur, Filippo is incredibly fascinated with all aspects of the human mind and how to help people live by their full potential. This curiosity has led him on a long journey studying and working with leading experts in the field of behavioral psychology, coaching, spirituality, and neuroscience. His goal with 3SSENTIA is to create a new way of managing and experiencing our day by bringing together the best of the eastern and western philosophy to increase our levels of productivity and wellbeing. He is also the Co-Founder of Leap2yourbest, a 2-day coaching program for self employed professionals looking to expand their personal and business growth.