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15th August, 2019

18:30 - 21:00


betahaus | Kreuzberg; 1st floor, Innospace


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Non-Members: 15 euro


Organised by: The Ordinary Guru & betahaus

CANCELLED - Meet the Ordinary Guru - Workshop

Ready to boost your ideas?

EDIT, 15.08. - Due to health reasons, the workshop holder sadly had to cancel tonights workshop on short notice. We will announce a replacement date as soon as possible.

Mastermind it is a collection of people that help each other to solve their problems and reach their goals, whatever they may be. It supports mutual growth and improvement.


- a new brand,

- new business,

- product or service

but also for people who are facing a change in their lives and don’t want to do it alone.

Whenever you’re unsure about the way forward, a mastermind can provide effective methods for solving complex problems that otherwise may appear unsolvable.

The Ordinary Guru is much more than this. As facilitators, we make use of our experience and combine our best practices to create optimal circumstances for collaborative work and creative flow. We combine tools from methods of defining and solving problems, among others: design thinking, dragon dreaming, theory U, action learning. We use tools of constructive communication based on NVC, but also practices to get, give and encourage guidance and feedback - radical candor and methods supporting the decision making process - convergent facilitation.

In this workshop participants will discover and experience why and how

a mastermind group is effective in:

- solving problems,

- developing new ideas,

- providing insights for leveling up faster in your business.

About the facilitators

Kasia Gliszczynska has strong business background, but recently she has also trained almost 800 design thinking facilitators. Professionally, she has a successful track record of creating and leading efficient teams in the fields of innovation and design management, as well as rich experience as an innovation consultant and design thinking coach. She sees it as her objective in life to inspire people to innovate and change.

Kasia Królak is a certified coach and holds an MA in Psychology. She has worked internationally as a business consultant and facilitator. She is an expert in change management. Kasia helps both large corporations and small and midsize businesses to grow,  and solve complex problems. She combines the ability to analytically perceive human behaviour with an open-hearted interpersonal approach.

The Workshop Schedule

A. Introduction and overview of Mastermind and how The Ordinary Guru differs and works

B. Demonstration of effective mastermind session

C. Practice of mastermind sessions in groups of 5-7 members

• Presentation of problem

• Questions session: re/de/fining the problem

• Creative collaboration: ideas and new perspectives

• Development of strategies / action plan

D. Leveraging the benefits

E. Questions and answers


Register on the event page OR send an email to be@ordinary.guru

* A minimum of 5 attendants is required to run the workshop, maximum 30 attendants